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Mobility Management

for small and medium-sized enterprises

MobiDM enables IT organizations to address the balancing act of enabling users to be productive on the devices they love (corporate or personal) and at the same time protect the company data. End-users need to have full control of what happens on their personal device. Companies need to have ultimate authority and full control of corporate assets (applications and data) being accessed and stored on (personal) devices.

Consumerization of IT

Increasingly, consumer-like behavior is driving ICT innovation in the workplace at small and medium-sized companies. New mobile devices and applications enter the consumer market first, before being adopted in the workplace. This development, also known as the “Consumerization of IT” (CoIT), forces companies to rethink the purchase and management of IT equipment and services.

Although companies initially tried to block the use of personal devices, today’s numbers show that nearly 68% of employees use a personal device to access corporate data. Additionally, a recent study shows that on average employees bring 545 unsanctioned cloud services into an organization. This trend illustrates the gap between the cloud services being offered by companies and the cloud services their employees prefer using.

Since both the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-app (BYOA) trends can no longer be ignored, companies need to deal with new requirements, including managing a wide variety and increasing number of corporate and user-owned mobile devices, supporting multiple, rapidly evolving mobile operating systems, safeguarding the security of business data and providing easy access to all business applications from any device.

In addition to these mobility management related challenges, companies will have to decide which cloud services they need to adopt in order to meet the requirements of their employees.


Since non-enterprise customers lack the necessary ICT resources, they turn to their ICT supplier and ask them to provide a simple, cost-effective, solution to address their mobility requirements. This light-weight mobility management solution, forms the basis of continuous dialogue between suppliers and customers on the adoption of cloud services.


VeliQ enables its partners to offer MobiDM to their customers as a mobility management cloud serfvice as though it was a proprietary service. MobiDM includes the following functionalities:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM)
  • Mobile Email Management (MEM)
  • Anti-malware and Web filtering

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