About MobiDM:
mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS™)

mPaaS Mobile Platform as a Service

Today’s IT department faces a number of complex technological challenges, but arguably none more complex than enterprise mobility. This is due principally to the fact that employees are increasingly demanding they be able to bring in their own mobile devices to the workplace.

MobiDM helps IT departments address the BYOD phenomenon and more by providing not just a point solution for mobile device management, but rather a full-featured cloud-based mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS™) that IT departments can easily deploy in minutes to mobilize their workforce.

Specifically, the MobiDM platform provides best of breed capabilities for:

The MobiDM platform grows seamlessly with your organization because it is built on a highly scalable, multi-tenant architecture that provides you the robustness and security you need when you need it.

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